Published Title Author Company Keywords Topic
2019 Utilizing Produced Water in Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges Hamdam Al Wahaibi Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oman Reuse, Recycling, Best practice, Scarcity, Agricultural reuse, Beneficial reuse, Water cut, Produced water composition, Desalination, Halophytes Reuse & Recycling
2019 The Oasis Solution Ana Hasrinatullina Petronas Reuse, Recycling, Ponds, Salt management, Process flow Reuse & Recycling
2019 Characterization and Possible Reuse of Nonconventional Gas Produced Water Fatimah Alfadel Saudi Aramco Reuse, Recycling, Produced water composition, Hydraulic fracturing, Water analysis, Beneficial reuse, Aramco, Saudi Arabia Reuse & Recycling
2019 Desalination of viscosified produced water by Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) for environmental impact and cost reduction Matthieu Jacob TOTAL Electrodialysis, cEOR, Desalination, OPEX, CAPEX, Flow diagram, Water analysis EOR
2019 Membrane Distillation (MD): A new approach to produced water desalination Dr. Prakhar Prakash Chevron Membrane Distillation, Heavy oil, Regionality for heavy oil, Water constituents, Desalination, Regulations, Process diagram, Membranes, California, Pilot test, TDS, TSS, Canada, Oil sands Distillation
2019 Limits and Strengths of the NSF Technology Revealed by Long Term Field Test Martin Datler and Roland Albustin OMV Nut shell filters, Absolutel filters, Cartidge filters, Long-term testing, Water analysis, Filtration
2019 Produced water treatment using nanofiber membranes incorporating advanced nanomaterials Dr Mohammed Al Abri Sultan Qaboos University Polymeric membranes, Nanofibrous membranes, Oman Water Society, Nano materials, Oman, Lab testing, Membranes
2019 Exploring the removal of scale and corrosion inhibitors in produced water and seawater: photodegradation and bioremoval Dr Laura Ferrando-Climent Institute for Energy Technology, Norway Scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, photodegradation, Photolysis, Seawater treatment, Produced water treatment, Microalgae, Nutrient removal, heavy metals removal, Lab results, North Sea, Norway, Institute for Energy Technology, Water Treatment
2019 Qarn Alam Low Pressure Condensate Recovery and Recycle Husam Sulaimani PDO Oman, PDO, Heavy oil, Steam generation, Steam condensate, Biomass formation, CIP, Overview
2019 Optimization of Produced Water Reinjection System in Southern Area Oil Operations Rohit Aswani Saudi Aramco Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Produced water reinjection, Southern Area Oil Operations, Produced water forecast, OPEX, Pump performance, Gas oil separation, High pressure production trap, 3-phase separator, Low pressure production trap, Water oil separators, Pump curve Reuse & Recycling
2019 Regulating Produced Water Management and Reuse in the Sultanate of Oman Hilal Hammad Al-Qassabi Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Oman Reuse, Recycling, Oman, Regulations, Beneficial reuse, Agricultural reuse, Produced water reinjection, Reed beds, Reuse challenges, Environmental concerns, Reuse & Recycling
2019 Overview of Water Management in PDO Saada Al-Shukaili Petroleum Development Oman Overview, Best practice, Salinity, Water Composition, PWRI, cEOR, Oman, GCC, Nimr Reed Beds, Reuse, Recycling, Beneficial reuse, Agricultural reuse Overview
2018 Water Flood Excellence: Make Every Drop Of Water Count! Qasem Al Kayoumi Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Water flooding, Water Injection, EOR, Water monitoring, Optimization, Water management, CAPEX, OPEX, Fracturing, Water Flooding
2018 Validation of Improved Robustness and Chemical Resistance of Nanofiltration Membrane through Accelerated Testing Z. Alam, M. Boczkowski, B. Chaudhari, P. Eriksson SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions Membranes, Nanofiltration, Desalination, Biocides, Membranes
2018 From pilot to field operations: implementation of an effective filtration system for polymer flooding operations R. Albustin, K. Jamek, R. Kadnar, _x000B_M. Klikovics, Ch. Puls, M. Vidlak OMV Exploration & Production GmbH Water flooding, Water Injection, EOR, Polymer flooding, Multi media filtration (MMF), Injectivity, Plugging, Water Quality, Water treatment, Fracturing, Water Flooding
2018 Leveraging economics to minimize challenges and create opportunities for effective produced water management Roland Shine GHD Optimization, Strategy, Water midstream, Reuse, Recycling, Disposal, Produced water transportation, Overview
2018 Produced Water treatment: is it really that complicated? Todd Kirk Exterran Water Solutions Flotation, Gas flotation, Separation, Differentiation, CAPEX, OPEX, Microbubbles, Primary treatment, Secondary treatment, Tertiary treatment, Water midstream, Overview
2018 Restoring SWD Well Injectivity by ClO2,CnF, and HCl Zack Li PureLine Treatment Systems Water quality, SWDs, Water treatment, Permian basin, Well Maintenance
2018 Enhancing the Performance of Desulfation Membranes using a Chlorine-Resistant Permanent Coating Mohamed Reda Akdim TechnipFMC Membranes, Reverse osmosis, Desulfation, Filtration, Corrosion control Membranes
2018 Treatment of Back Produced ASP water Mundhir Al-Battashi Petroleum Development Oman Activated sludge process, Polymer pretreatment, Ceramic membrane, Flotation, Induced gas flotation (IGF), Treatment
2018 BIOMEM technology: less than 30 mn bioreactor residence time before discharging PW into sea Matthieu Jacob Total S.A. Moving bed biofilm reactor, Activated sludge, Ultrafiltration, Reverse osmosis, Dissolved air flotation, Case study, Filtration
2018 Advanced Monitoring & Automatic Control of Produced Water Processes Gerard Cooke Inov8s Ltd Separation, Automation, Monitoring
2018 Produced Water in a Water Scarce World: Emerging Models for Recycle and Reuse of Produced Water Devesh Sharma Aquatech International Permian Basin, Oman, Kuwait, Case study, Crystalisation, Polymer, Sludge, Disposal, Water quality, Overview
2018 Turning oilfield “waste” into our most valuable resource… Water. Chris Tesarski CoResource Solutions Desalination, Flocculation, Micro-encapsulating flocculating dispersion, Nanopolymer, Onshore, Offshore, Separation
2018 How Majis Industrial Services Company managed to recover the integrity of a Reverse Osmosis “RO desalination” plant Kamla Al Rahbi Majis Industrial Services Company Reverse osmosis, Desalination, Automation, Biocides, Membranes, Maintenance, Infrastructure
2018 Advanced new filtration Medias for produced water EOR-CEOR treatment and reuse. Mouloud Hendou Veolia Water Technologies Nutshell filters, TSS removal, Separation, Surfactant removal, New filtration media, Filtration
2018 Hunting For Efficiency –10 Days to Hit A 50% Separation Improvement Naeem Bhola Jorin Ltd. Monitoring, Hydrocyclones, Flocculation, Optimization, Filtration, Overview
2017 Ceramic Membrane Ultrafiltration Demonstrates Performace for Produced Water Reuse Andrea Larson and Cheng Chen Siemens Water Solution Membranes, Ultrafiltration, Ceramic Membranes Membranes
2017 Treatment of Produced Water Using an Osorb System Caleb Smathers and Saada Al Shukaili ProSep Media Filtration
2017 Which Deoiling Technologies to Choose for Upstream Oil and Gas applications? A Multi-Criteria Approach Camille Sagne and Michael Cavill Suez Gravity separation, Hydrocyclones, Overview, Flotation, Media, Ultrafiltration, CAPEX, OPEX Overview
2017 New Process Scheme for Treatment and Reuse of Desalter Effluent Diego Carrasco Veolia Water Technologies Desalter Effluent Desalter Effluent
2017 Low Frequency Electromagnetic Treatment of Produced Water for Reuse in Agriculture: effect on water quality, germination and plant growth Emily Sappington University of Houston Agriculture, Reuse, Case Study Reuse & Recycling
2017 Expanding Usage of Treated Produced Water: Providing Solutions for Crude Desalters Lisa Henthorne Water Standard Desalters, Overview, CAPEX Overview
2017 Water Management using contructed Surface Flow Wetland system in ASP flooding project Mahendran Srinivasan and Stephane Prigent Petroleum Development Oman Alkaline Surfactant Polymer (ASP), Water flooding, Case Study, Water quality, Biological growth, Water loss Water Management
2017 Clathrate Desalination Method Applied to Produced Waters: Methodology & Result Mattieu Jacob and Pascal Le Melinaire Total Desalination, Water treatment, clathrate desalination Treatment
2017 Application of Flotation for Removing Fine Particles from Iron-Containing Produced Water Nattawin Chawaloesphonsiya PTTEP and Chulalongkorn University Iron control, Flotation, Physical treatments, Produced water composition Physical Treatment
2017 Laggan & Totmore Gas Plant: 18 Months of Operation Results of a New Produced Water treatment Patrick Baldoni-Andrey and Cathy Fuchs Total and Suez Gas, Case Study, North Sea, TSS, Biological Treatment Treatment